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Ken Volunteers dedicate their time to explore the realm of volunteerism and service opportunities with the chance to design and implement their own volunteer passions. Become an Inspiring Volunteer with Ken Foundation Society and set an example on how everyone can help to create a better tomorrow. 
Note: Only Registered volunteers are eligible for KEN Foundation Society Internship & Voluntary Certificate.


The drive aims at providing an opportunity for everyone to participate and contribute to the noble cause of education of the underprivileged children for their boards and exams by donating essential stationary.

Drop off Points: Ken Foundation Society, Ground Floor, D.No.2-34-3, Sector-7, M.V.P. Colony, Lane beside A S Raja College, Vizag.

Call:9885974949 /9885674949 Email:


Participation certificates for "Operation Red Hills-2016" are being issued. All the participants are kindly requested to come and collect in following address mentioned 

Address:Ground Floor,D.NO-2-43-3,Sector-7,MVP Colony,Lane Beside AS Raja College,Visakhapatnam.



Welcome to kenfoundation

"Ken Foundation Society" is a 100% Non-governmental, Non-political, Non-religious and Non-profit organization 

KEN Foundation Society fundamental challenge is to create a “Just” society - where everyone has an equal opportunity to develop & grow. Our aim is to create awareness on social issues and make people involve and be a part of development for the society. At KEN we strive to work for a reason or a cause for a better output rather to just implement a project. 

What is Ken?

The word KEN=Awareness (as ken Foundation started to work on general awareness for the society which is the main root cause for working on many major issues to eradicate numerous social problems prevailing and let people involve which motivated us to develop as an NGO. We mainly work for Education, Empowerment and Environment.

Why ken?
At Ken we feel that money is always not the criteria for helping or supporting someone, only thing you need is passion and interest for the betterment of society and Ken Foundation is only a platform for such people.

Our Aim:
To inculcate social service as a hobby, and feeling of “not just me but us” with a sense of responsibility amongst the individuals.

It’s quite an honor and a privilege to work for different causes that can bring in many interests of people and a better change.

Our major achievements include:

·      Vizag Coastal CleanUp(VCC) an annual Beach clean program organized after Ganesh Chaturdhi to clean the debris along the shore. The drive is considered as one of the largest volunteer drive along the Coastal belt of Asia.

·         Red Hills Operation a Geo-heritage site protection and cleaning activity with an enormous participation comprising of students

·         Volunteers volunteer for Pulse Polio Immunization program conducted each year by the “World Health Organization” to eradicate polio across the country.

·         “Annual Water Bowl distribution” being organized every year in month of April and May for stray animals and birds so that we can reduce the extinction number.

·         “Winter Smiles” in Agency (Tribal areas) where old clothes are collected, and distributed for the needy during the winter season to protect them from the lower temperatures.

·         “Paint a Smile” in government hospital (KGH) where the walls of the pediatric ward are painted to deviate the kids from the feeling of suffering.

·         “Voter Awareness” program during the election season to make people aware of their responsibility and right that their vote will make a difference. And a main target to let people know about “NOTA” which has been introduced in the election system this year.

·         Education in various Government schools where English is taught as a primary medium of language, and KEN foundation has been able to identify the gaps that can be fixed in Govt. Schools with respect to imparting computer education to students.

Today, KEN Foundation is one of the most active NGO's in the South India. An organization started with a vision of serving the society without boundaries, without  discrimination, Ken Foundation reaches out to thousands of communities in need, the oppressed and educates the public with the help of its volunteers across globe.